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At Ur-Alde we have been working for months to ensure that your experience with us will be just as good as before the health crisis. The spread of Covid-19 has changed everyone's life.

It has helped us appreciate the importance of tiny details. It has taught us to value that which really deserves to be enjoyed and experienced with care and attention.

The situation has shown us that we must treasure moments rather than objects, and give thanks for the small things that make our lives great.

This is why, at Ur-Alde, we view the lockdown and subsequent gradual easing of restrictions as an opportunity to improve how we do things. Our aim is to provide an even better service than before, working with renewed passion for what we do.

We hold firm to our belief that our goal is to offer our guests memorable experiences. This has not changed; nor will it ever. We and our entire team (those who make everything possible) remain convinced that you, our guests, deserve the very best care and service we can provide.

We have therefore used this time to adapt our hotel to current health and safety needs, making sure we are in a position to provide you with the guarantees you need to feel safe and protected during your stay.

These are just some of the steps we have taken:

  • Rooms and common areas are now cleaned using virucidal cleaning products (73% alcohol).
  • We have placed virucidal water-alcohol hand sanitizer gel in all rooms and common areas (70% ethanol).
  • There is also a disinfectant mat at the hotel entrance.
  • We have enabled a 24-hour online check-in, payment and concierge service. This enables us to keep our physical presence at reception to a minimum in order to guarantee the distance required for our safety and yours.
  • So as not to touch your belongings, we will not enter your room during your stay, unless expressly requested to do so.
  • Extra towels, beach towels and hangers, etc. are available at all times at reception, so you need never go without.
  • Rest assured that at Ur-Alde, we guarantee social distancing (1.5 metres) in all common areas.

At Ur-Alde we see ourselves more as a small hotel than a guesthouse. This is the essence of who we are, an establishment that aims to spoil our guests and share with them our passion for past experiences—and those we hope they will enjoy with us—in this charming little pensión located right in the heart of San Sebastián.

While Ur-Alde is imbued with the unique flavour inherent to the old quarter of the intense and dynamic city of San Sebastian, it is also seasoned by the aromas of its rooms, which are named and styled after different parts of the world. Each room has its own personality, making every stay memorable.

We offer six rooms in the heart of the old quarter, each symbolising an emblematic city or region of the world and immersing guests in their streets and landscapes. Rio de Janeiro, Amsterdam, Atlanta, Donosti-San Sebastián, Glasgow and Provence - all carefully chosen and decorated to give guests the comfort they need to disconnect, relax and find a well-earned moment of peace and calm.

We have been running the Ur-Alde Guesthouse since 2012, when we took over from the former proprietor and made the decision to take up this marvellous—albeit sometimes tricky—challenge of making guests feel both satisfied and at home. And we did it.

The result is a mixture of the passions and sentiments of every single person who forms part of the Ur-Alde Guesthouse. This is the root of our unique character: a blend of intensity, emotion, vehemence, tenderness, nostalgia and adventure. That's who we are. That's how people see us. That's how we feel. Welcome to our home. Your home.

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